Waiting in Time


Elephant tattoos are painted
on Rocky Mountain walls, far below
untouched Rocky Mountain highs.
Faith-looking is the mime
with an irreversibly painted soul.
Hearty flight and weighted melancholy
are inside the climber crazed.
Better off behind bars! says the freighted train.
Reach the top or else stop
in a field of ghost-hidden tracks;
monotony ruined man
well before Adam ate an apple.
Death or else splendor!
says the slender young rebel;
risking a chance to defeat
a deadly, life-procuring devil—
a place no sane man dare be.
Alas! he says when he grasps
what for millennia he has seen.
Touch a brisk, frosty heaven
and laugh within and away
a devilish pain.
Let go of what once was, and see what is!
He shouts a wolf puppy howl
and then makes his way down.
Eventually older, he wonders
if he was the fool he’d spoken of before
and then blushes;
he acts so similar to how he was before,
and it makes him wonder,
even when thinking
of those he’s once adored,
what his time waiting had all been for.


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