Imagining Einstein’s Thoughts


Derive meaning
from sweat in palms
and a rushing, thumping heart.
Transmitters swirl the brain
until sense can be made
with such a limiting tool
as thought;
spoken with such a foolish tool
as language.
Why do mass and energy
warp spacetime?
Why is light speed constant
but time not?
Thoughts which bring
sweat to palms
and rushing to heart.
Never lose
such childish inquisition,
for to ask of the beginning
is to question the absolute;
to ask of an underlying structure
is to relate in unity of measure.
When thoughts align, hearts beat faster.
The drum beat sends
rose-colored beliefs.
Let us dance this night away
and do not anything
other than feel our thoughts;
make unreal the arbitrary symbols
that articulate
this love of world we share.


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