St Augustine and the Piano

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St. Augustine and the Piano is out, and you can get it here:


The short prose sections of St. Augustine and the Piano were written with simplicity in mind. Rather than focusing on the intentions behind the protagonist’s actions, the prose is interested in what actions were actually taken. In contrast, the larger poetry sections were written with the intention of using vivid language, offering more visceral insights into the protagonist’s thoughts.

In this way, the narrative of St. Augustine and the Piano is meant to demonstrate and then blur the distinction between prose and poetry. The interaction of different mediums entwine in a way conducive to the functioning of the human mind as it relates to meaning creation: aspects of an underlying structure whose individual qualities are best discussed in relation to one another. While the prose focusing on traditional storytelling, the poetry corresponds to the underlying qualities of meaning creation.

All seven chapters are introduced with a black-and-white illustration, each from a different artist. All of the artists have ties to the Cleveland community. They were each asked to read only the chapter that accompanies their illustration. This was done to add another medium of interpretation within the narrative.




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