A Garden of Blue Dots


“Earth can be seen as a blue dot underneath the rings of Saturn in this image taken by the Cassini spacecraft on July 19, 2013.” Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Day_the_Earth_Smiled

A Garden of Blue Dots

A pale blue dot of suggestion toward nothing,
like darkened pupils that shine with stardust
behind a pulsating need to reflect correspondence
lasting seconds in a time that lasts not at all.

A malignant genesis lining the nerves, accompanying
a stifled passageway through sisterly nostrils
that parent health to a lounging calmness of restitute;
not to relinquish wanting, but rather to give it at all.

Saturn saucers sing a Song of Songs in magnetic waves
dark but by a machine’s history of satellite eyes.
Life’s nothing is temporarily shaped
only as a relation to death’s opposition of dirt.

The virgin-mother of eternity lasts like a nuptial feast
in a practice overtaken by fierce imperial forces,
insisting any old compressed ritual vulgar and primitive;
that the current say shape the universal, however dark.

Voices on a pale blue dot confute a tale of undying
by tending the growing stems that pierce the dirt
in the memory that april unnecessarily brings may,
and allows pastels be painted in the embodiment of a dot.


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