Desert Billboards

Between adjacent walls of capitalized shapes

is pavement—roads we create

to capture the view, forfeiting riskier stakes;

agreeing to billboards for a car path that is safe.


In accordance with pirates throwing loot overboard

(and although mountain time is still), gold—like rebar

in cement, is plastered to the molded seafloor,

and is a picture-in-time’s wily keyboard.


Richer lands may not be greener—golden

silhouettes of sand dance in circles from winds

that cover signs, and remind travelers

that billboards are not on mountain time.

Wooden Horses

Wooden Horses is about the juxtaposition of family and work, love and society. Brogan’s words highlight different aspects of everyday life and focuses on becoming a father for the first time. Brogan highlights these balances with at times naive, poetic forms that ring with subtle, yet relatable detail. We all must navigate the sometimes complicated waters of relationships and family, but were there is struggle, there is truth. Brogan’s words will  haunt the reader with familiar ghosts and inspire a fresh understanding.

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“These poems are time traveling and sturdy! Brogan utilizes classic poetic devices in “Wooden Horses”, poems about family bonds, work life and the act of balancing both. These stanzas and lines embrace the natural and simple wonders of life. His lyric and patterns are humorous, honest, and refreshing like a morning breath of spring dew.”

–Kisha Nicole Foster, Author of Poems 1999-2014 and Bloodwork.

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