East of Eden

East of Eden

Love is east of eden,

Right of paradise—

And forces us to roam.

A vagabond stuck to form

Walks along silk roads

Aware it’s been done before.

“Haha, right?” at the taverns;

We eat aloneness—

Stick up a thumb, smile.

Backpedalling quiet routes,

Moving toward Eden in stride,

Just to chase the feeling.

Published by

John Brogan

John Brogan promotes renewable energy products in Northeast Ohio. He is also a new father, recently welcoming his first son, Victor Mackenzie Brogan, into the world. These experiences have encouraged fresh insights as he moonlights writing poetry, his favorite occupation, at his home in Cleveland Heights, OH. John is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University, where he earned a BA in cognitive science. John is also the author of the following books: In Reflection of Nature (2015), and St. Augustine and the Piano (2016).