Life Read Backwards

Is all one is read backward?

Pantomime the gesture of a setting sun

while touching the tear from a lover’s eye.

Trek to the top of the hill

to find it was never a place at all,

other than to enjoy

Hebe’s eternally youthful soul.

Laissez faire in the heated summer sun.

Watch leaves turn strange colors

with the coming of fall.

Wear a sweater that covers the winter breeze

and call to a woman, perhaps a wife.

To school before dawn and work until night;

good occasion with friends

between times of fright.

Perhaps a hobby to pass the time; false interest

in promises from politicians who lie.

Think of your own death

and witness a family member’s come too soon.

Learn and realize how unlearned you are still.

Perhaps these are some of the things of life.

Backward read is one all is.

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