The Great Illusion

The Great Illusion

He busy dying

may understand life,

but understands little

of living.


Plastic bags cover the floors

of the homes and towns;

even those I adore.


A fella’s plate

means nothing to yours,

but a painter’s brush

is a right to enjoy.


The untamed West

is but an illusion

to untamed souls,

both them and yours.

Published by

John Brogan

John Brogan promotes renewable energy products in Northeast Ohio. He is also a new father, recently welcoming his first son, Victor Mackenzie Brogan, into the world. These experiences have encouraged fresh insights as he moonlights writing poetry, his favorite occupation, at his home in Cleveland Heights, OH. John is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University, where he earned a BA in cognitive science. John is also the author of the following books: In Reflection of Nature (2015), and St. Augustine and the Piano (2016).