We were all ill prepared, a slim stem

rootless in firm ground; the door

opens on life without a sound, leaving debris

to piece together unknown realms.


Newborn, he grabbed for a flower,

and we as parents wonder in what ways

The petals will tear; as he grazes through days

what will he say is the story of his tower?


Transitions are doors to gated daffodil beds,

where foreseers, sprouting in Eden’s den, say

“Welcome to a piece of life!” Whose aim

is to discover sense — a drive to ascend.

Published by

John Brogan

John Brogan promotes renewable energy products in Northeast Ohio. He is also a new father, recently welcoming his first son, Victor Mackenzie Brogan, into the world. These experiences have encouraged fresh insights as he moonlights writing poetry, his favorite occupation, at his home in Cleveland Heights, OH. John is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University, where he earned a BA in cognitive science. John is also the author of the following books: In Reflection of Nature (2015), and St. Augustine and the Piano (2016).